Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seriously 3.0 will claim many a turbo controller

Like Taking Candy From A Baby has claimed the number one spot and only had to leave a reasonably sized trail of blood and broken bodies in their wake. Brothers to the End!!! is well on its way to grabbing the second spot, but that's not why we are here today. No, today it's all about Seriously 3.0 and the fact that some people, notable Candian gamer extraordinaire Buckswana, already have 15+ Onyx medals. That is crazy. I understand that by using a turbo controller it's easy to grind out some of the medals, but even then, this is really looking like the longest achievement grind in history. Just remember, stats will be tracked all the way through to October 20th, so it really is a great time to get together and form some boosting parties for those difficult achievements to get on your own, like the 4-player co-op playthrough. See, it's tough to get on your own since it requires 4 players. I'm here all week, don't forget to tip the waitress!

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