Sunday, October 2, 2011

12 days down, but more importantly, I finished Horde mode

Perhaps it is just me, but the new and improved Horde mode in Gears 3 is an amazingly fun time. I had the privilege of running through waves 1-50 alongside some of the competitors in this event and it was a blast. Thankfully they were able to carry me, since I am the only person to ever miss a Grinder with a shot from the Boomshot. In related news, the top teams are also running through the more esoteric Gears of War 3 modes at the moment in an effort to secure the top spot. Brothers Til The End!!! is making it a very, very tight race with Like Taking Candy From A Baby. I expect to see these tow finish in some combination of 1 and 2, but who gets to be the bride? Somehow, we also still have 17 Brotherhoods that have yet to score a single point. While We doan got dat stinkin game!!! does not surprise me with a score of 0, the others do. How many will be scoreless at the end?

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