Friday, October 14, 2011

A Battle for Site Supremacy

For the curious, I have been mostly sidelined by a battle with the flu this past week. I should have gone and received that flu shot. We have our top three teams locked into place, which means the final stretch of this challenge is no longer about money, but about honor. Oh, and bragging rights. Among the specific community-site teams, it is the AchievementHunter leading the way by 5 points over the 360voice populated Pics or It Didn't Happen. As usual with competitive events, it's the TrueAchievement team coming in behind 360voice. CheapAss Gamer's B team is proving to be tougher then their A team, as the original CheapAss Gamer team is even down behind the second TrueAchievement team and the second 360voice team (Sera's Salvation). The teams from Co-Optimus and Seasoned Gamers are, like some Hollywood starlets stuck in their mid-20's. All told, I expect the 360voice home team to take home the bacon and at least beat out the TrueAchievement teams. That's assuming we don't see a 2011 Red Sox level collapse out of Pics or It Didn't Happen. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go watch my 2004 ALDS DVDs and forget this past year ever happened.

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  1. LOL. Hey, and just happy SG got mentioned at this point. LOL