Friday, September 30, 2011

On the 10th Day of Gears 3, My True Love Gave Me Ten Torque Bows

Ten Torque Bows is of course one of many acceptable answers to "What is better then 1 Torque Bow?" Today we also caught Like Taking Candy From A Baby in the middle of putting in more 830 pointers, so Brothers Til The End!!! are within spitting distance right now. Can it hold and will we see a lead change? Will The Unvanquished make a move for 2nd? Who knows? I'm sure Alec Baldwin knows but he isn't telling. Just because I know it's going to make them happy, We Cole Trained Anya's Fenix gets a shout-out for nearly pushing a 6 man team into the top 50. Remember, tomorrow is Gaming and Giving for Good and you can still donate to help support Children's Miracle Network hospitals:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

9 Days and still not outta bullets

You will have to excuse a shorter update then usual amount of words I put into these, but with an upcoming 24 hour gaming marathon, I need my rest. If you have not already, go to the 360voice G3 team page and give us some support for charity! Speaking of charity, none of the Brotherhoods seem to need the gift of points as everyone is making it rain GS these days! I want to call out the Brotherhood of Dads for dropping over 7,000 points so far. That's pretty good for a Brotherhood with a lot of other commitments. Kudos as well to all you other parents out there pounding away against the Locust during your scant free hours of gaming. Let's keep those points coming and keep grinding away at those Onyx medals. Outside of the campaign and horde medals, what Onyx medal is going to be your first?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Eighth Day, Now with Less Arnold

Like Taking Candy From a Baby has increased their lead for the top spot by having top scorers from other Brotherhoods go join them. Which is perfectly acceptable within the rules, though I do hope people understand that ditching their friends may have some consequences. Not from me of course, as I'm enjoying the log jam up top and the ensuing fight to the death between The Unvanquished and Brothers Til The End!!! as each group is fighting hard to cross the gap from number 2 to number 1. Nothing though can top the amusement of Not Playing ringing up over 500 points. Way to stick to your mission statement team! I'm waiting for Brotherhoods to make side bets with one another over final placement, though it seems CheapAssGamer, which I just noticed has a THIRD Brotherhood involved, is clearly the site to beat. Finally, head over to and help support Team 360voice as we raise money for the Children's Miracle Network of hospitals. I (Dog of Thunder by the way), have personally pledged to game 1 hour for every $5 I raise, with the requisite live blogging so that you know I'm actually gaming. Sounds like a great day to knock off my Insane 4 player Co-Op Arcade Collectibles run.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7 Days of Gears

We have been at this now for one week. Seven solid days of running up the gamerscore in Gears of War 3. Today, Like Taking Candy From A Baby has widened the gap over The Unvanquished while Brothers to the End!!! is showing clear signs of slowing down. All three are over the halfway mark but we still have 23 days to go. The congestion we had yesterday down to 12th place has been broken up with CheapAssGamer CoGs #2 dropping from the pace being established by Reapers Til The End. Special kudos is going out today to Hollands Glorie, the highest ranked country specific Brotherhood. In this case, as if Holland was not enough of a clue, the Brotherhood is 100% Dutch. Good showing for the casual gamers so far as the Dutch are currently sitting in 26th place with only 25 CoGs. I'm assuming by now that most of you have checked out all the modes in Gears of War 3, which means I can ask about Beast Mode. Is it a good addition or will you never look at it again once you get the achievements for it?

Monday, September 26, 2011

6 Days in the Trenches

6 days down, 24 to go and the points pace has slowed quite a bit. By now, I'm assuming most are either done with the first play of the campaign or close to it. Like Taking Candy From A Baby lost the lead over the weekend to Brothers Til The End!!! but they regained the top spot today. The Unvanquished made a move and are right on their heels. Both Reapers Til The End and AchievementHunters have fallen off the pace creating an ever widening gap between 3rd and 4th place. The 6 through 12 spots are all running close: We are all stranded now, TA Cogs, Generic Team, Pics or it didnt happen, Casual Cogs, CheapAssGamer CoGs #2 and Molneze's Brotherhood (I am not going to even attempt and type that one out) are ALL within 700 points of each other. It's going to be interesting to see how many people from the other Brotherhoods can max out with 830 points over the next two weeks, and if the top Brotherhoods will make an effort to recruit those people and boost their own totals.

Remember, you can keep recruiting new gamers all the way up until October 10th in order to make a move for the top recruiter prizes. Check back again tomorrow for another daily update as we continue to track the movement of that top pack of Brotherhoods.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where we stand on the Socialite glitch

It has come to our attention that there is an issue regarding the Socialite achievement and in turn, Seriously 3.0. The problem is that Socialite was glitched and gave credit for every match someone played online during an event, instead of just credit for participating in one event. Epic Games acknowledged this was a glitch and fixed the issue with a day one patch, released mid-morning of September 20th. We understand that prior to this patch, a few participants were able to exploit the glitch and unlock Socialite. Unfortunately, as the Socialite achievement is now impossible for anyone to gain during the course of the Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge, we have no choice but to ignore any points gained from the Socialite achievement. This includes the 70 Gamerscore from Socialite, as well as the 100 Gamerscore from anyone that unlocks Seriously 3.0.

We felt it necessary to ensure the playing field is level for every participant. The total gamerscore we will recognize per participant is now 830 Gamerscore.

Information from Epic Games regarding this issue can be found here regarding this issue:

Day 3 Scores Look A Lot Like Day 2 Scores

Like Taking Candy From A Baby retains the top spot for a second day in a row, but the gap is considerably less. Brothers to the End!!! are now 90 points away from the top as each Brotherhood has cracked 11,000 total GS in Gears of War 3 alone. We're seeing some movement regarding memberships as well, with Achievementhunters dropping to 39 total members alongside Reapers 'Til the end also dropping a member. Possible strategic move or did some just decide to leave of their own free will?

It's only Day 3 and there's still 27 days to go, so we have lots of time for those scores to max out before the end. The big question: Who will get to that point first?

And who is taking advantage of the event to get some boosting done for Seriously 3.0?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 2 Scores

Like Taking Candy From A Baby rose to the top spot with a total score of 7,390 points. That is 5 points under a 1,000 point lead over the second place Brotherhood, Achievementhunter. Both Brothers to the End!!! and The Unvanquished are keeping it tight as each also cleared the 6k mark. Considering these scores are mainly from the first day of release for Gears of War 3, these are some very impressive numbers being put up by the front of the pack.

Interestingly, TA Cogs and TA Cogs #2 are running neck and neck. Unfortunately they're running neck and neck for 13th place.

Boot Camp Brotherhood may not be in first place anymore, but they do hold the record for "Highest Average of All Brotherhoods With Over 10 CoGs" and that has to count for something.

Band of Brothers, a Brotherhood of One (H3ALY),is the highest scoring single CoG Brotherhood so far with a total of 525 points. If any Brotherhood is looking to round out their ranks, Band of Brothers would be a good place to start looking for a high score.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Day 1 Scores

661 CoGs got their hands on Gears of War 3 in time to beat the midnight cutoff for points to count today. The Boot Camp Brotherhood, with only 13 members, managed to get an early lead. They barely outscored Brothers To The End!!! so it will be interesting to see if Boot Camp Brotherhood can keep the pace going and hopefully pull in some more members to even the scales.

Coming in 3rd place on day 1 is Pics or it Didn't Happen, a Brotherhood comprised mainly of 360voice community members. There is no home court advantage here but it is clear that they are one of the main Brotherhoods to beat. had enough community members come over they were able to fill out two Brotherhoods with 40 members each, sitting at spots 20 and 32. In the near future, it would not be surprising to see the two separate Brotherhoods band together and either boost some of the online achievements or stack their best scorers.

All told, just over half of all the Brotherhoods managed to ring up some points for today. Tomorrow's scores will be more interesting and help give us a better picture as to where each Brotherhood is going during this event.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Brotherhood scoreboards are now live

You will note that on this main page Brotherhoods are now ranked by total gamerscore unlocked in Gears of War 3. If you click on an individual Brotherhood, you can see how each member ranks within that Brotherhood. Compete with your friends, compete with other Brotherhoods, and enjoy Day One of Gears of War 3!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to the 360voice Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge hosted and sponsored by 360voice. You may view the terms and conditions at any time by going up to the "Challenges" tab and then selecting the "GoW3 Challenge Rules" entry, which will be the second one in the list.

I advise everyone to view the rules as we have special rules regarding usage of Silver accounts and go into detail regarding how to earn points for recruiting.

That's right, not only can you win your share of $10,000 by unlocking achievements in Gears of War 3, but you can also earn part of the prize pool by recruiting others to join your Brotherhood. Once you create your Brotherhood, you may make the group public (open to everyone) or private (open to those whom know the password you set). Everyone, upon joining a Brotherhood, will receive a unique referral link with which you can recruit others to join you and get credit for their recruitment.

Every group will have a private message-board which can be used for strategy or just to coordinate times to get together for the co-op or multiplayer achievements.

Up to 40 Cogs can be in one Brotherhood and we only have 11 days left until Gears of War 3 is released and the scoring can begin, so get recruiting soldier!